Paying Attention to the Sounds of the Engine

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Your car has a built-in warning system to alert you if something is about to go terribly wrong and leave you to look for towing in San Jose. Contrary to what you might believe, it is not your check engine light, but it is the sound coming from your engine. A check engine light usually starts to blink when something starts to go wrong, but most people tend to ignore it or believe that the light is broken. However, once the engine starts making terrifying noises, you better pay attention or you would be in for a really frustrating and expensive ride.

There are quite a few problems that you can troubleshoot yourself to stop those strange noises, but other times you would require the assistance of a mechanic. Just be sure that you do not let things slide to the point where you would need to call a tow service in San Jose. For example, if you hear a high-pitched squeal from under the hood, which stops when you switch off the engine, you probably have loose belt. You should attend to this problem ASAP, to avoid having an uncomfortable drive. Additionally, you would have to ensure that the belt is not cut or glazed on the underside.

However, if the high-pitched squeal does not stop once the engine is off, you would need to check the rubber of your radiator cap. In this case you need to be very careful and ensure that the engine has cooled down, before you open the cap. Furthermore, if you hear whistling sounds from under the hood, you should check the hoses for any leaks.

Similarly, if your engine ticks with a rhythm, while it is idle, you probably need to check your oil level. Always make sure that you check the oil level only after the engine has cooled down. However, if there is sufficient oil in the engine, get the valves of your vehicle checked by a mechanic. You should also listen for a loud tapping or knocking sound. If such a sound can be heard, you need to immediately shut-off your engine and call a towing company in San Jose CA. The best case scenario would be there is a lot of carbon build-up inside the engine and you need to get it cleaned. The worst scenario would be a loose piston, which eventually destroys the engine completely.

If your engine turns off with an off-beat rhythm, your car is experiencing misfires. You should first check your spark-plug cables for any shorts or breakage. Additionally, you should also take out the spark plugs and ensure that they are properly cleaned. If this does not rid you of the noise, you should call in a mechanic to check your ignition system.

Similarly, if your wheels make a squeaking sound when you apply the brakes, you might have worn out brake shows, which need to be replaced ASAP. However, if the squeaking is produced at turns, then it might just be your suspension or loose wheel bearings. Then you should call a tow service in San Jose.